Anne-Paige has a website….


Technically speaking, yes, Anne-Paige has a website!  We are happy to join the tech-savvy inhabitants of the interweb; however, we are not quite certain we have mastered this whole “website” thing.  Our tech-savvy abilities are limited, at best.  We understand this, and we have decided we are ok with it!  We know what we want in a website… we just don’t know quite how to get it…. yet!

What’s important to us is that WE have a website.  Our goal is to provide a functional site that can let you know of what we offer, tell you our story, and inform you of the latest happenings at the store!  That being said, it is important to us that we are in control of the content of this site.  We have chosen a simple format for this site that will allow us to do just that!  In the, somewhat distant, future we would love to offer our products available for purchase on this site.  We know it is possible, but we aren’t quite ready to cross that bridge.

We hope, in the coming weeks, to fill this site with content.  It is our sincere desire to provide you a site that you look forward to checking and has something new waiting for you each time you visit!  You will find that the “What’s New” section is designed as a blog format.  This is where you can look for updates about the happenings in and around the store.  We invite you to subscribe to our blog.

We are excited to begin this new journey!  Please check back soon to see what we have accomplished!



Julie and the AP team

Exploring New Frontiers!

In the beginning!

In the beginning!

This post is a test.